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Originally Posted by Debra View Post
I'm irritated by any reader who flips cards over from bottom to top rather than side to side, then reads reversals.

Originally Posted by earthair View Post
Don't ever ask me for a reading

Disagree. I do this absolutely consistently, yet 99% of the time the spread ends up the right way up for me. It works, that's the only justification I need...if I turn over sideways it all goes to pot.
I agree with Earthhair! I read Reversals and I ALWAYS--EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. turn the cards over bottom to top. I believe that consistency is the only key. I won't let the client turn them because I don't trust them to do it "right" or be consistent.

Otherwise: I have a pet peeve too: if I hear one more thing about the shadow card or (worst) the quint, I will have to SCREAM!!!

I suppose they work for some, but for me, reading about them is too over complicating.

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