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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
I thought I read somewhere that the book was created to be used in concert with the website. I can't remember if it was in the book itself or somewhere else. But unfortunately the website's a disaster. I think what they want is for people to join their Facebook book study, at least that's the impression I get.
I have a vague memory about the book/website connection too.

But I'd call the website more an embarrassment than a disaster. There are lots of people who aren't on Facebook for one reason or another. (And even if they are, if they're looking to the website for info, they may not think to look on Facebook....) And when those of us who took the already printed book at face value and went to the website looking for the promised "detailed analysis" and don't find it, we're going to complain to our close, personal internet friends, influencing them not to buy the book (at least not until the second printing)....

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