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I was very unhappy at an office job I had held for five years and decided to take another better paying job. I was about 30 during the transition. The next position was better paying, but that much more miserable. During the Saturn transit, it was passing over my sun, moon, Mercury, on the cusp of my 10th house which is ruled by Taurus. I was truly unhappy, and as low as could be, emotionally, just drained. So on the advice of my mother, a hairdresser, I entered beauty school. I felt I just had no other options in my life and I had to do something. By the time Saturn finished its transit, I was a licensed hairdresser. This was 15 years ago, I'm still learning and still a hairdresser and very content. So my first return brought me my profession under rather unpleasant circumstances that gradually improved.
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