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Question Insights to share about my spread?

I'm new with tarot and bought my first deck - Thoth - recently. I've studied the cards and a number of decks but I actually hope to get help from here more than this one time. I'm just starting to get familiar with the deck - one card at a time - but to derive a synthesis of two, three or more cards is still a bit out of my league, I must say.

Hence, I hope you have some insights to offer me on my recent spread about my love life.
It is a quite lengthy spread but from observing the forum I'll share it all eventhough some it seemed clear enough to me.

I did not draw all the cards at once but gradually as I moved on with the questions so I don't really have card positions to share at this time.

I should mention that I'm longtime single and just started dating again recently which seems like both hard work as well as a bit of playfullness


Questions: What do I aspire to in finding love?
Card: 7 of cups
My Interpretation: The card bugs me in this position but I interpret it as: Stay in the reality, be sure of what you really want and need when you make a choice.

Q: What makes an ideal partner for me?
C: Art
I: Someone with patience and really good timing, 'The right mixture' or balance of some sort.

Q: What makes an ideal relationship for me?
C: 2 of disks
I: Lots of humour, flexibility, new approaches, open to change.

Q: What has gotten in the way in the past?
C: Knight of Swords
I: Too much thinking, (too) High ideals, perfectionism, breaking up/ getting back together.

Q: What is currently getting in my Way?
C: The Aeon
I: Recent epiphany, putting the past behind me, cleansing of guilt and sorrow through self evaluation.

Q: How Can I overcome these barriers?
C: Nine of Swords
I: This bugs me too but I came up with: My vulnerable spot, forgive myself and my parents, victimization of self, severe judgement of self, do you have your feet in the reality?

Q: What is my perfect match?
C: Ace of Cups
I: This card really resonnated with me and almost teared me up. I felt the love in the card waiting for me: Effortlessly giving of love, peace, openness, sharing... warts and all, reciprocity, truth, honesty

Q: What do I offer (my 'brand')?
C: The Star
I: Love, humour, gentleness, tenderness, generousity, calm energy, deep understanding

Q: What about timing?
C: The Chariot
I: Continue your struggle in confidence and control, travel, hard work, but moving on.

Q: Where and how should I look for my soulmate?
C: 3 of Disks, 5 of Disks and 6 of Wands
I: 3D: Dating agency, finding love in work environment - mine or his.
5D: third party being involved - maybe therapy, controlled moving forward, be sure to lay a good foundation
6W: Seek help from a spiritual authority or a sympatetisk friend, be happy for what you've got, don't look for external validation, be patient.

Then I've drawn cards on two recent (July) Dates, A + B:
A: Pro: Prince of disks - energetic and stating in the reality
Cons: 6 of Swords - ?
Outcome: Knight of Disks: Solid foundation

A wanted to get to know me but I'm in doubts. I'm not (yet) physically attracted to him, and I reckon we'd 'debate' quite a lot which to me could be stimulating but also tiresome to be honest. My heart, however, is at least somewhat drawn to him. Status: Communication at a stand still.

B: Pro: 8 of Wands - connection almost immediately
Con: 8 of disks - cautious progression and harvest, don't rush into sex
Outcome: Princess of Disks - ?

Meet up with a stranger. We had immediate comfort in each other's company but due to circumstances we're not likely to enter into a love relation.

So - throw me a couple of coins - either about the big picture or parts of it. Would love to gear your insights.

Thank you!

Kind regards and Lots of love from Gretchen :-)
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