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Hi Gretchen,

You done good especially for a newbie. I agree with many of your interpretations, but there are a few alternative views I would suggest which I place directly under the cards they pertain to:

Originally Posted by Gretchen View Post
I'm new with tarot and bought my first deck - Thoth - recently. I've studied the cards and a number of decks but I actually hope to get help from here more than this one time. I'm just starting to get familiar with the deck - one card at a time - but to derive a synthesis of two, three or more cards is still a bit out of my league, I must say.

Hence, I hope you have some insights to offer me on my recent spread about my love life.
It is a quite lengthy spread but from observing the forum I'll share it all eventhough some it seemed clear enough to me.

I did not draw all the cards at once but gradually as I moved on with the questions so I don't really have card positions to share at this time.

I should mention that I'm longtime single and just started dating again recently which seems like both hard work as well as a bit of playfullness


Questions: What do I aspire to in finding love?
Card: 7 of cups
My Interpretation: The card bugs me in this position but I interpret it as: Stay in the reality, be sure of what you really want and need when you make a choice.
My interpretation: Distraction from harsh reality and your own unresolved conflicts. (Since you have asked... <shrug>)

Q: What makes an ideal partner for me?
C: Art
I: Someone with patience and really good timing, 'The right mixture' or balance of some sort.
Someone who supplements you, therefore gently fosters your own alchemical development.

Q: What makes an ideal relationship for me?
C: 2 of disks
I: Lots of humour, flexibility, new approaches, open to change.

Q: What has gotten in the way in the past?
C: Knight of Swords
I: Too much thinking, (too) High ideals, perfectionism, breaking up/ getting back together.
Or a former partner symbolized by the Knight if Swords that you haven't got over yet, possibly on a subconscious level.

Q: What is currently getting in my Way?
C: The Aeon
I: Recent epiphany, putting the past behind me, cleansing of guilt and sorrow through self evaluation.

Q: How Can I overcome these barriers?
C: Nine of Swords
I: This bugs me too but I came up with: My vulnerable spot, forgive myself and my parents, victimization of self, severe judgement of self, do you have your feet in the reality?

Q: What is my perfect match?
C: Ace of Cups
I: This card really resonnated with me and almost teared me up. I felt the love in the card waiting for me: Effortlessly giving of love, peace, openness, sharing... warts and all, reciprocity, truth, honesty

Q: What do I offer (my 'brand')?
C: The Star
I: Love, humour, gentleness, tenderness, generousity, calm energy, deep understanding
Also vision, dreams, spirituality, Tarot readings (!).

Q: What about timing?
C: The Chariot
I: Continue your struggle in confidence and control, travel, hard work, but moving on.
Don't delay looking for a partner. Go for it!

Q: Where and how should I look for my soulmate?
C: 3 of Disks, 5 of Disks and 6 of Wands
I: 3D: Dating agency, finding love in work environment - mine or his.
Also: You've got to work to succeed. (Not least on yourself.)

5D: third party being involved - maybe therapy, controlled moving forward, be sure to lay a good foundation
Let go of your worries.

6W: Seek help from a spiritual authority or a sympatetisk friend, be happy for what you've got, don't look for external validation, be patient.
Freeing your blocked energies will help you attract the right partner.

Then I've drawn cards on two recent (July) Dates, A + B:
A: Pro: Prince of disks - energetic and stating in the reality
Cons: 6 of Swords - ?
If you look at the potential relationship rationally (which you are prone to do!), then it doesn't look too good.

Outcome: Knight of Disks: Solid foundation
Probably somebody with a lot of Earth placements in his chart. Reliable and stable. Could help to ground you but somewhat dry and unimaginative.

A wanted to get to know me but I'm in doubts. I'm not (yet) physically attracted to him, and I reckon we'd 'debate' quite a lot which to me could be stimulating but also tiresome to be honest. My heart, however, is at least somewhat drawn to him. Status: Communication at a stand still.

B: Pro: 8 of Wands - connection almost immediately
Con: 8 of disks - cautious progression and harvest, don't rush into sex
Outcome: Princess of Disks - ?
Long term development, common projects, maybe pregnancy.

Meet up with a stranger. We had immediate comfort in each other's company but due to circumstances we're not likely to enter into a love relation.

So - throw me a couple of coins - either about the big picture or parts of it. Would love to gear your insights.

Thank you!

Kind regards and Lots of love from Gretchen :-)
Best wishes,

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