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Hi Michael Sternbach

Thank you very much for your insights on my spread, and your 'encouragements' too!

I'm not yet familiar with the proper quoting technique here at the forum so I'll just post my comments without quotes from your text this time around.

Concerning 7 of cups: I tend to imagine my life filled with romantic love and all it entails (!) where as in the reality I'm not quite ready for it and feel lonely too. Bugs me!
- Maybe this is what you pointed at?

I'm especially happy with your take on the timing-question - don't delay Looking for love. Go. Now. I need this kind of kick to keep me going.

Overall I see a pattern of certain blocked energies - as you mentioned in 6 of Wands - which set me back and actually isolate me, and on the other hand something good awaites me after doing the necessary work (with myself first and foremost). I'm not quite sure which specific actions to take on from now on but I realise that I need to keep on with 'actions' in the real world and thereby 'achieve' progession little by little.

If you have more insights on the spread as such or 'corrections' to my interpretations, you're most welcome to share it with me - but again: thanks a lot for your contributions.

Kind regards from Gretchen.
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