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Originally Posted by rwcarter View Post
I've updated the dangerdorkfile up through post 205. As opposed to my original layout, which I didn't like when I just looked at it again, I utilized the "Show Printable Version" function under Thread Tools and then copied and pasted that into Word. Then I added in the images that have been attached to posts but aren't included in the "Show Printable Version" function.

The formatted document is 133 pages long and 3.35MB. I'm happy to send along to anyone who wants one, just PM me your email address.

I've finished posting to the Mythic Tarot Study Group, so now have time to see how a deck with re-ordered Majors fares with the Seven Stations.

I will regret this because it's going to eat into my spare time, but I'm about to PM you for that file. Stumbling on this thread, I had just decided to zap the printable version to my kindle and then I noticed this! Rodney, you are wonderful.
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