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the teaser

Originally Posted by rwcarter View Post
DUDE! Give us more of a teaser than that after all this time! (Although technically, discussion of the deck should occur in Tarot Deck Creation while it's in progress and Tarot Decks once it's completed.)
Hi Rodney! I think I've touched base with you over the past few years as this project evolved. The original plan was to create an app which helped tarot enthusiasts explore this concept, and I commissioned an artist friend whose work I liked to create a deck to illustrate the app.

So far, we've 20 majors in some stage of completion. My artist friend Rena Hopkins (known as The Divine Iguana to her growing following) has significantly improved in technique and vision over the course of the project, and I'm delighted to share a couple examples of her work as a teaser.

The Star here was the first Major completed, and I adore the image as it is. However, as you can see from The Lovers here, Rena's work has matured so substantially that we've decided to redraft most of the existing majors to provide a more consistent style.

As I play Waite to Rena's Pixie Smith, she'll be creating art as I work to resurrect the dialogue started by this thread. I'm converting an edited version of an old draft of your doc, Rodney, and building a blog and website around it. Hopefully we can generate enough interest to crowdfund a majors-only deck, then a full one, and then the app that was the original vision for the project. But in the mean time my job is to re-invigorate discussion of the 7 Stations approach itself.

I have many hobbies and a day job, so, yes, this has been years in the making - and it may take a couple more. But this project is near and dear to my heart, and both Rena and I share a deep sense of commitment to see it through.
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