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I'm not sure I like this one. Looking at 8 of pentacles and the Hermit I can't find certain symbolism that define these cards. Pentacles 8 is simply about work, and about the goal of the work. There's no routine, no boredom, no meditative state, no mastery. The Hermit wears a set of keys, as if he's already found what he's looking for, instead of still in search. He's already beyond being a Hermit. And that knight of cups will certainly rust!

I also see the painter states he wishes he had more time for this, the deadline forces him to use computer art instead of making 78 real paintings, which he would prefer.

However, the painter has great skills, and apparently the author seeks to show us a different side to certain cards. That 2 of cups also caught my eye, it is gorgeous! I'm really curious what more this deck will offer.
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