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Dangerdork, I *also* need to go back to what you said about the planets. I'm getting afraid this is too much for me to keep up with. I read at medium speed but I have so many things on my kindle, and an ADHD attitude to going through them - pile my plate at the buffet rather than one course at a time. But each time I come back to this theory I get all excited about it once again.
I'm excited again, too, and right now I'm back to contemplating the Trumps and have forgotten half of what I wrote about the minors over SEVEN years ago... Guess I need to combat my own ADHD and reabsorb the thread.

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Also, we go through life stages/phases which "turn" every seven-ish years. (Someone, does that fit with the transits of a particular planet? I know Saturn takes about 29 years to make his circuit but I can't remember if Mars is 7... unless the seven years are about Saturn's "quarters"?) I've observed this with my own sons at seven and fourteen, so far; and looking at my own personal development and people in general. There's a very definite change in awareness around 6-7 years, and the one we all know about around 12-14. And so on. Coincidence that most university students graduate - and are let loose on the real world - the year they turn 21? And so on. A friend laughed at this idea and said it probably works when you're expecting it to ()
I tried to force this to work with Shakespeare's "Seven Ages of Man" ( ) but it failed miserably.

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but I know, as one example, that Type 1 diabetes sets in most commonly around the age of 6-7 or puberty; I don't think it's the only medical condition that does.
I happened to develop Type II (Adult onset) diabetes at age 49 (seven sevens) and it damn near killed me.

One thing that this "seven stations" perspective seems to be doing for you guys is, as it did for me, it leads to examining our own lives with fresh eyes in the context of esoteric traditions, as tarot at its best seems to do whatever your perspective.
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