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Originally Posted by Lucas Prince of Cats View Post
Yes, actually taht's the one! It was very early on, somewhere between 3 and 5? I don't get how you place down the fool? Do you mean doing it with your eyes colsed? And are signifiators a thing? How do they work?
Oh they're abs totes a thing. Basically, it means you choose a card that "represents" the querent (or someone else, or a place, or any particular element of the question). Usually people, usually yourself (or the querent. or they choose their own). Then, when that card turns up, you pay extra special attention to its position or surrounding cards in the spread. Some people use it in the Celtic Cross spread and actually put it on the table FIRST and build the spread around it.

The significator is often a Court card that you relate to the image, the personality type it represents, some astrological significance, Meyers-Briggs personality type, and/or other factors. Like anything else about tarot, there are many different schools of thought, some people use them and others don't, etc.

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