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Originally Posted by Aeon.of.Horus View Post
The Conjuror (Magician) Rx - Abuse of Power
8 of Winter (Swords) Rx - Breaking Free

He feels that he still has some sort of power and hold over you by withholding these pictures after you broke free of the oppressive relationship you found yourself in with him.

Why am I having sleepless nights just lately?


You are certainly right and the other reader in 1 card games saw the same - power trip.
I broke free but with his approval. I would gladly stay. I would read this as he is using his power so that I am not completely free, he still has a grip on me.

I'm guessing Emma is giving a freebie so I will ask a Q (Emma if you want a general I will do so, but I don't do it without approval):

What should I know about P's recent romantic pursuits (if any)?
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