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Seven stations and Easter Philosophy

I'm still re-examining the original perspective, and I think between the Astrological correspondences and the Chakras, what's resonating most for me are the Chakras. They almost make me want to re-title the stations, or at least adjust the perspective to further reflect these phases:

# / Station / Chakra / Function / Element

1 | Origin | Root | Grounding/Security | Earth
2 | Inspiration | Sacral | Relationships/Emotions | Water
3 | Power | Navel | Energy/Vitality | Fire
4 | Turning Point | Heart | Balance/Love | Air
5 | Transformation | Throat | Communication/Healing | Ether
6 | Epiphany | Third Eye | Intuition/Understanding | Light
7 | Destiny | Crown | Enlightenment/Transcendence | Thought

(Adapted from: https://traminperth.files.wordpress....ra-chart-1.jpg and others)

This is really working for me. I think I may back off astrology a bit and instead chase the rabbit down the trail of Eastern thought. I really love how well this group of seven fits with Lucas' post about the Buddha's meditation, and further with Vedic principles of "Seven Stages of Life:" , "of Knowledge:" , etc.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say, I wonder if indeed it's these older, Eastern principles of esoteric thought that trickled down into the tarot from antiquity, rather than the Western, Hellenic school of thought - or if perhaps the tarot is some Medieval mashup of both.
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