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Originally Posted by dangerdork View Post
I'm still re-examining the original perspective, and I think between the Astrological correspondences and the Chakras, what's resonating most for me are the Chakras. They almost make me want to re-title the stations, or at least adjust the perspective to further reflect these phases:

# / Station / Chakra / Function / Element

1 | Origin | Root | Grounding/Security | Earth
2 | Inspiration | Sacral | Relationships/Emotions | Water
3 | Power | Navel | Energy/Vitality | Fire
4 | Turning Point | Heart | Balance/Love | Air
5 | Transformation | Throat | Communication/Healing | Ether
6 | Epiphany | Third Eye | Intuition/Understanding | Light
7 | Destiny | Crown | Enlightenment/Transcendence | Thought

(Adapted from: https://traminperth.files.wordpress....ra-chart-1.jpg and others)

This is really working for me. I think I may back off astrology a bit and instead chase the rabbit down the trail of Eastern thought. I really love how well this group of seven fits with Lucas' post about the Buddha's meditation, and further with Vedic principles of "Seven Stages of Life:" , "of Knowledge:" , etc.
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Originally Posted by dangerdork View Post
I'm going to go out on a limb and say, I wonder if indeed it's these older, Eastern principles of esoteric thought that trickled down into the tarot from antiquity, rather than the Western, Hellenic school of thought - or if perhaps the tarot is some Medieval mashup of both.
I'm inclined to think that they all have a common "ancestor" - what really is. (Which each school of thought has discovered, probably helped along by learning what had been thought and postulated before, but derived primarily from the real thing rather than purely from the earlier school(s) of thought.) One can be aware of the chakras, for example, without knowing that anyone in any century has ever taught about them.
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