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The Triads

Let's go back to the triads again. I've been trying to fit the round peg in the square hole and make each set of three fit the Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable lens, and getting bogged down.

In re-meditating on our triads, at first I was drawn to the yin/yang nature that seemed to be presented on the first and second Paths - The Magician / Priestess, Emperor / Hierophant, Chariot / Strength all seem to be either nicely complementary or in dynamic opposition within the same realm. Trying to fit all three, though, I got a bit hung up until I twisted its tail and got this.

(I've enclosed the matrix with this post to help with the visual.)

For each Triad,

"#2 STANDS BETWEEN #1 and #3."

It works even better if you use a more descriptive phrase for the third path, and short phrases for the first and second.

For Instance -

"Wisdom STANDS BETWEEN ability and creation;" "Social mores STAND BETWEEN personal Ambition and life choices," "Determination STANDS BETWEEN action and the acquisition of knowledge," "Karma STANDS BETWEEN Chance and New Perspectives..."

With a little meditation, this formula works for me with every triad all the way down the line. Maybe there's still hope for Cardinal/Fixed/Mutable, but in the mean time this seems to click right into place.
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