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Now, let's combine my previous two posts, and we get:

1. "Origin: In the realm of Grounding and Security, Wisdom stands between ability and creation."

2. "Inspiration: In the realm of Relationships and Emotions, Social mores stand between personal ambition and life choices."

3. "Power: In the realm of Energy and Vitality, Determination stands between action and the acquisition of knowledge."

4. "The Turning Point: In the Realm of Love and Balance, Karma stands between Chance and New Perspectives."

5. "Transformation: In the Realm of Communication and Healing, Harmony stands between Physical Transformation and Confronting Temptation."

6. "Epiphany: In the Realm of Understanding, Hope stands between Upheaval and the Unknown."

7. "Destiny: In the realm of Transcendence, Revelation stands between Illumination and Nirvana."
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