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Even better:

In my typical fashion, I'm going to revise myself because I'm making this up as I go along. Let's tweak the "stands between" formula. How about,

"#1 NEEDS #2 TO ACHIEVE #3" ... so, now,

1. ORIGIN. "In the realm of Grounding and Security, Ability needs Wisdom to Achieve Creation."

2. INSPIRATION. "In the realm of Relationships and Emotions, Personal Ambition needs Social Mores to inform Life Choices."

3. POWER. "In the realm of Energy and Vitality, Action needs Determination to Acquire Knowledge."

4. TURNING POINT. "In the Realm of Love and Balance, Random chance needs Karma to Gain New Perspectives."

5. TRANSFORMATION. "In the Realm of Communication and Healing, Physical Transformation needs Harmony to Confront Temptation."

6. EPIPHANY. "In the Realm of Understanding, Upheaval needs Hope to face the Unknown."

7. DESTINY. "In the realm of Transcendence, Illumination needs Rebirth to achieve Nirvana."

I don't know if I am going to be able to come up with anything better than this for a while.
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