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Originally Posted by Lucas Prince of Cats View Post
BT, something interesting is taht when I first saw the three rows, I thought of them as three diffeent civilizations; egypt, rome, and asia, in that order.
I think I can see some of the connections. Might be interesting to start thinking about maternalistic vs paternalistic societies, monism vs. Dualism in religious thought.

I very highly recommend you find a copy of Joseph Campbell's "The Masks of God," a 4-volume set that examines primitive, oriental, occidental and creative mythological systems. I'm sure you can find it at the library or online, or very cheaply used at amazon. It's a pretty daunting amount of reading, but not any more reading than trying to tackle, say the Harry Potter or Song of Ice and Fire series.

I was reading lots of Joseph Campbell when I came up with the Seven Stations perspective, and found it very inspiring and stimulating. Or you might even try Campbell's conceptual predecessor, Sir James Frazier's "The Golden Bough." Exciting stuff.
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