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I'd love to jump in here if I could!

Originally Posted by Halloween View Post
*checks wallet* Okay, may not be mine, but I'll take it anyway in hopes I'll win the lottery soon.

8 swords

TPBM can make a move if they really wanted to, but fear is holding them back. So whatcha waiting for? Just do it!
lol I checked this thread this morning before my run and saw the "stable financially" and thought "That's probably not mine, maybe I should check back later!" :-p but I was thinking long-term/long money, don't have to worry about the $$$ anymore, "Let's make it raaaaaiiiiinnnn!!!" . I realized it was talking about my present situation and to go on and take care of what needs to be taken care of so yeah, it was correct for me in that aspect lol.

8 of Swords, yes, yes! Spot on for me! I'm beating back the fear and kicking at what I see as the obstacles.

The Tower

TPBM is/is about to experience some major shift(s) so breathe deep and buckle up!
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