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Originally Posted by Tanga View Post
"Sun, Moon, Stars, Infinity
I am that of which I Seek

Lord, Lady, Sacred Androgyne
I am all that which I meet

Powered by the Seven Spheres
I grow in strength unseared

Spirits speak!
Lux Veritas Pacem"

Ground, Empower, Purify, Invoke, Protect, and Work.
This is a pagan pattern of construction for a space to work magic (personally modified and shortened course).

This came as inspiration to me after I had asked the same question you have just asked, and ruminated on the replies I recieved.

n.b. "Traditionally" - 'Protect' should come before 'Invoke' - however in my little chant here this order just sounds better and easier to remember.
I love it! It includes everything needed just right. Thank you for your post and your posts and help with my shuffling problem.
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