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I wasn't going to share this, but I did write this when I first started learning Tarot, and I wrote it to help me learn and remember what the Major and Minor Arcana represent. Now that I don't need it, I say the one above.

I don't know how good it is, but It worked for me and maybe it could help other newbies who see it. Warning: it is long.

" I ask my inner guide (or spirit guide)* to...

please allow the Major Arcana to reveal any life-changing experiences or events and lessons to be learned...

to allow the Wands to be lit with the fire of my desires and ambitions...

to allow the Cups to be filled with my emotions...

to allow the double-edge Swords to cut both ways and to present me with problems as well as solutions...

and to allow the Pentacles to blanket me and my loved ones, with security and good health.

So be it"

*use whichever you prefer: inner guide or spirit guide or anyone else you'd rather call to.
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