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This was one of the first images I found online when hearing about the Gay Tarot, and my first reaction was that a priest marrying two gay men - in a deck from super-catholic Italy! The popes are rolling over in their graves! In truth, I never expected the events of the past two years to happen EVER in my lifetime, but such an event is still many years away, especially here in Jesus/Bushland. Let us hope this image may someday become true, and not 'date' this deck someday in the future!

LWB:"The best way to help others is to help them make their own decisions." Marriage is a secular institution, not a religious one {People get upset when I say that!} I always remember this incident from my high school days:
I went to a catholic H.S., and my senior religion class was taught by a priest who was also the principal of the school (How's that for a double-whammy?) One day he walked into class and asked :' So, who marries the couple?' Hands went up - 'The priest', 'the church,' 'God', etc. He waved all the hands down. 'You fools!' he said 'The couple MARRIES EACH OTHER - the church has nothing to do with it!' I was always astounded by the truth and candor in that statement. Let the state decides who gets married and tell the religious authorities to go do a novena!
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