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Originally Posted by sapienza View Post
Hi there. I'm pleased you have discovered the Mythic, I hope you enjoy using it. The Mythic was the first deck I ever used and so I have a real soft spot for it. In fact, it was the only deck I used for about the first 7 years of my tarot life. I think now we are a bit spoiled for choice but I sometimes feel like life was much easier back when you just stuck with a deck. I felt so connected to the deck because I loved the Greek Myths. I wouldn't worry about whether it is considered old fashioned or not, if it works for you and you feel a connection then it is the right deck for you to use. I guess you could kind of see it like a 'retro' deck, and there really is only a fine line between old-fashioned and cool. I think when the dreadful 'new Mythic' was released then a lot of people stopped buying it where once it was a deck that (almost) everyone owned. I hope you enjoy working with it.
What are the main differences between the original Mythic and the New Mythic?

Why was it changed?

I have been answering some of my own questions by using your sites

I find the New Mythic cold and I absolutely loath the new

I can only assume that as it was at one time an extremely popular deck, it was redrawn in an effort to make money by encouraging people to update
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