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Originally Posted by Bonny View Post
Five cups - moon

These cards came out with some sighs from me as I hoped they'd seem overtly bright and then I saw their light. There is going to be dépth insight poetry and brilliance so get ready to be profound and rich inwardly!!!
This is how I feel right now. So you mean it's going to last. The weather is like that too, closed and rainy. Might just write poems then, maybe I'll get something out of them anyway.

Originally Posted by Bonny View Post
- how does C feel about having more children?
Vanessa - VI of Swords & High Priestess RX

C most likely feels they need a radical and total break from their current situation. I'd say C has made no secret of their current situation in which they feel powerless and unable to dig deep and understand their current situation and where to go next, so it could be a holiday without children, to get a clear mind and then make a decision based on clear thought.


Q: Any exciting news coming to us about selling the house this week?
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