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Originally Posted by Sonia Doris View Post
I'm actually researching now how to make money writing poetry, hehe. XD So I'm a dreamy capitalist right now. harr harr

Vanessa - 2 of Wands & Temperance

They didn't know what and how to do it until now, but notions are taking shape right now in their mind and they may get a (good) idea soon. They actually in some way left the situation behind them, but now it seems to come back into their mind/life, so they're preparing to deal with it, hopefully in a temperate manner.


Q: Can you tell me more about that happy event?

Devil - 7 wands

You will be cut loose because you cut loose from the struggle via conviction that you will come out on top. So keep the poise of the victor and freedom is a step away

- how do others in our work place perceive the link between c and me?
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