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"Midwinter of the Spirit", "True Detective" - depictions of tarot, occult

Did anyone see the first episode of this ITV show "Midwinter of the Spirit" starring Anna Maxwell Martin? Or read the books it's based on?

This series follows country vicar Merrily Watkins, who is one of the few women priests working as an exorcist in the UK. When a grisly murder takes place in her local area, the police come calling for her assistance.

It's a somewhat dark show, a little in the vein of "True Detective" with its satanist imagery at ritualistic murder scenes (and in both shows there seems to be some thread of misogyny in the crimes of these devil worshippers).

I was interested to see how the Merrily character would talk about the occult and how tarot would be treated in the plot.

The show seems to share moral viewpoint with its main character - catholicism is light and good (the story does seek to examine the problems of the religion's power structure though) VS. hippy-dippy stuff which will seduce you and lead you inevitably to satanism and acts of evil...

This show's depiction of tarot, along with a few films i've seen that represent tarot, always seem to use it as a shorthand for devil worship. Why do you guys think there's so little depth or accuracy in how tarot has been depicted in works of fiction? It so often seems to be equated with devil worship. Why has it got such a bad rap in popular culture?
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