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the card is entitled "Silence".

Theme summary: invisibility, speechlessness, "Silence is Golden", keeping a secret

the image is of a male/female pair hand-in-hand dressed in yellow-golden greek/roman toga. they face out of the card,male to the left, with eyes closed. behind them and centered is an angel--larger then them. pastel purple robe, golden wings and a circle rainbow around its head. it is wearing a gold band with a red oval stone set on its forehead. the angel's eyes are also closed, and it is silencing its lips with the right hand (left arm is behind the female. all done very pastel.

this is one of the 10 (i think it's 10) cards that have a 'lover' type theme-- male/female relationships.

somehow reminds me (yes, they say the cards are to bring up memories ) of initiation into some mysteries or another.

i'll have to look into my own a bit later. i don't have it at my fingertips. thanks for the suggestions. i'm not too well versed in astrology-- but it's about to happen.

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