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Originally Posted by AJ View Post
that world a fiber artist I just don't get what is going on. I've never seen knitters working on a joint project, and quilters use very small needles.
Originally Posted by magpie9 View Post
Im with you on that one. Lovely idea, but pretty confusing if you know anything about fibre arts. It really drives me nuts when they draw spinning wheels and looms that can't possibly work.

That said, I really do like this card.
As a knitter, it's technically possible for two people to work on different sections of the same piece of knitting, especially if both people know how to knit backwards instead of purl so the right side of the work is always facing them. The landscape is also technically possible to create using modified entrelac techniques. Knitters (and crocheters) often work individually to create small pieces that are then joined together into a larger piece, but I also haven't seen two knitters working on the same piece of the same time.

But I have no idea what the two women on the left or the woman on the right are doing.

Seems to me that it's a figurative image, not a literal one as the deer are way too small and the animals are on or above the landscape as it's being created. It's showing what can be created when we all work together in harmony.

(And I much prefer that image to the cliched comics image of knitting needles being held upside down to knit.)

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