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Some of my friends read cards, too. We'll swap readings, esp. after a couple of drinks. If we're off the mark, we'll know immediately--and if someone's incompetent, we'll find that out PDQ.

I've had a couple of bad readings through here. No negativity or being cursed or anything, just way off the mark. *shrug* It happens. No one bats 1000.

The worst reading I ever got was when I was a young teenager. I must have been 13? or so. This palmist gave me a free reading because I helped bus her table during lunch at some street fair. She told me I'd be married at 20 (didn't happen), have four kids (I can't have kids, thank God, but the irony is most of my long term relationships have come from sons that were part of batches of four kids!), travel the world (to some extent this is true) and I'd be very wealthy. Well wealthy never happened, at least in the time frame she gave. And then she proceeded to tell me that my hobbies at the time were Devil worship. My mother heard the whole thing--we had a great laugh at her expense on the drive home. Thing was, I was already reading Tarot by that time and had been for a couple of years, and I could probably have given a better reading with my extremely limited knowledge at the time.

I don't remember the reader's name. She's probably dead by now as she was elderly then. I do remember she was a joke of the first order, though.
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