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Originally Posted by Darkmage View Post
I'd be more afraid of the con artist angle if the Magician showed up instead. Magician with the Devil is like cosmic-level trouble. The Magician's not here.

Agreed on the red flag, though. This guy may be a control freak. I've known some people who get into relationships for the sole purpose of 'breaking' someone. It's a game to them. Usually, though, it doesn't last long as while people are indeed generally stupid, they're not as stupid as some believe they are. The person trying to be controlled usually bolts as soon as they realize what's happening, which generally only takes a few weeks.

Don't let yourself be manipulated and be quite clear on your needs and boundaries. The Devil can represent this, too.

Conning someone means manipulating as well as misleading them, Darkmage. I do agree in regard to having the Magician crop up in his used car salesman guise for con, but I meant manipulation...pushing emotional buttons here and there to make his chained puppet dance...or urging the Fool over the cliff more quickly than he might have gone otherwise...and to a less safer landing, possibly.

Decan, you are right, it is largely based on whether or not she knows him well - that would make some kind of difference in determining the answer and end result, for sure.
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