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Like gregory, I fully understand and support changing the size of the deck to fit in with the reduced budget for the project. Adding that block of advertising text to the cards is inexcusable though. To cut some of the costs it would've made much more sense to dispose of the bag, which is way too small for the finished deck anyway. That way there would have been more money available to expand the LWB to include the info that ended up getting put on the cards. And there might even have been enough money to increase the size of the cards.

And while group chat with the artists to get their opinion was nice, it would've been even nicer to ask the people who funded the project which options they were willing to sacrifice in order to bring the project to fruition. Instead it comes across as, "I have your money now, so you'll just get whatever I choose to give you." The finished product is a complete slap in the face to everyone who backed the project. And I sent an email expressing my displeasure through Indiegogo in response to the update I got where we finally got to see the images. The silence that I got in response from Mr. Leong speaks volumes to me.

Was that layout with the horrid block of text introduced before or after the project didn't meet its funding goal? The answer to that question tells us whether there was planned deception or an unfortunate decision made. My understanding is that this was not Mr. Leong's first experience with tarot, so I'm even more confused about how he could think the finished product would be workable as a tarot deck. The campaign wasn't advertised as a meditation deck, so if that's what ended up being released, the backers should have had some input into that decision.

Thanks for those pics donnalee. I don't use or care about reversals, so that won't matter to me. Does the back look more like a pink ribbon now? That would fit in perfectly with the breast cancer focus of the project. And I have a corner rounder to deal with the square corners along the bottom after trimming. My initial reaction is to cut off everything under the image including the author's name, but even though that block of text is smaller than the block at the top, I guess it still balances out the image so I'll likely keep it.

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