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thank you for taking the time to reply Ash from your perspective. I don't think anyone outside America has received their decks yet and I got an email today about "orders are now being dispatched, there will be a further email when your order is sent out", so could be about two weeks from now and I will wait till I get mine to pass judgement. I really hope the artwork is what saves the deck because you all put a lot of time and creative effort into the deck

I agree with Rodney though that they did have to cut costs but it doesn't explain the text at the bottom and "calling card" of the artists. I think I would have preferred card keywords or an interpretation or nothing at all, that beautiful artwork could have taken up the whole space! I can't see how that cut costs, I don't mind the smaller cards or other sacrifices, it's purely the bad layout choices but oh well.

But I am hoping I really love the cards outside of that because I know Roxi and Ciro also put a lot of time into their cards as well as yours Ash

Donna your scissor work makes it look so much better!
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