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and at least they could avoid that mistake with gamecrafter deck?!x.x at least they have option for pdf download! so there is no reason to not publish borderless and textless edition for all of us who wish to have fantastic art and actual reading deck?!x,x facepalm

as things like this look like they don't have competent tech and production team!x.x
And I don't buy the sob story about less funding meant the cards had to change. I bet they were always going to have the advertising blurb...because if you actually wanted to save money, you'd do it the easy way- stick the images in a plain simple pink border, slap on a Queen of Cups title or whatever, upload images to TGC and the job's done- you have a great deck. If you always planned to release on TGC you wouldn't waste money printing a lwb either.

Presumably the person who compiled all the images still has the original files? Yes? Well now, they just have to upload them all to TGC, in a text-less, border-less edition and start making money for the cause. I challenge them to do the right thing.
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