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Just thought I’d say something a little different…

I received my deck today and have to say that, after looking through it, I am relieved to find it is not nearly as bad as this thread would lead one to believe. In fact, IMO, it is not bad at all. Yes, placing the artist information on the card was not the best decision – better to have put it in the LWB that came with the deck – but it’s not nearly as distracting as I thought it would be. The cards seem to be regular tarot card size so that the artwork is still large enough to appreciate. I went through the deck, looking at the fabulous images, and grew happier with each card I saw – saying to myself “ooh! I have her/his tarot deck!”. I believe the artists put a lot of effort and love into their work. I remain as astounded today as I originally was when I first heard of the project that all these talented tarot people came together to produce, truly, a lovely deck. And I offer them my sincerest thanks for doing so. I am confident I will be able to read with it without any issues.

I do not regret supporting this project in the least. And if there should be a second edition printed with larger artwork and no advertising info, then I would purchase that also.
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