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My deck just arrived. I am now the disappointed owner of 78 tarot business cards. What is really sad is that this would be quite a nice deck without the self-advertising. The size of the deck is fine. The art is good. I'm sure the artists involved wanted to do a good thing, but someone (or more than one) showed poor judgment and disrespect for the potential buyers and original supporters of this deck.

It appears that all the decks were printed and shipped by Game Crafter (mine was). Game Crafter is a print on demand service. They only needed a minimum of 100 decks to get the maximum price break. I assume extra decks were not printed (otherwise less money would go to the charity). Future orders are single print on demand from Game Crafter with a portion going to breast cancer charity.

I think this deck would sell well without the artist bios. If they want people to order it from Game Crafter they should remove the bios and upload new revised images. More money would go to the breast cancer charity. Which was the point to begin with.

Note: I will probably trim mine.
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