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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
While Albano didn't change any of the RWS detaile, s/he did add a few details. For example, the swords in the Albano have three jewels in the guard. More important is the Rainbow added to Temperance. It represents the bow of Sagitttarius, which is the zodiac sign of Temperance. The occult rainbow differs from a natural rainbow in that the order of the colors is reversed.

As for the German and French titles, they "should" be in English, but I am not a purist.

As for Frankie Albano, s/he is the mystery of the Albano. No one seems to know who s/he is, not even the gender. (In the song Frankie and Johnny, Frankie is a she.) It is possibly hidden away in the archives of the Builders of the Adytum. We do, however, know the source of the coloring scheme s/he used.
Thanks for the additional details, Richard.

Frankie Albano is a mystery MAN - definitely male.

This was reported on TarotL many years ago:
"It was 1972 and I was in a cafe in Arcata California called the International Peasant where my partner was a cook. We all sat around a table drinking great coffees and teas when someone brought out a deck of cards..........the Albano-Waite deck. All of a sudden everyone was talking about what sounded like a whole lot of superstition. Tales of Frankie Albano changing the colors on the deck back to the original and somehow forbidden colors and then one of his buisness partners had been murdered and another disappeared...the Tarot factory in Arcata had burned and basically they had stopped making the cards. So, at that time the Albano-Waite deck was out of print. No one wanted to 'play cards" but me.......the story only made them more fascinating to me, not less. So....the owner of the cafe who was now the owner of the Tarot printing company...gave them to me. I started reading them that night. It wasn't until about two ..possibly three years later that I found out there were books on the subject...) (embarassing to admit that). On a final and what I think is a very interesting note....I just recently heard online that Albano is missing...has also disappeared and cannot be found."
See this site for an extended discussion of the deck:

I received a letter years ago from someone writing for Frankie's son, Dan (living in England), who never met his father (but knew he had created the deck). They were looking for information about him. I did get his birth date from them: Frankie Joseph Albano- 14-06-1938. Born- New Galilee- Penslyvainia (sic!).

A Frankie Albano appears in some ads as a psychic in London and later in Los Angeles.

I found him listed as being on a TV or radio interview show in London in 1977. The only reference to him was: "Frankie Albano is a clairvoyant who claims to be able to offer a psychic view of personal problems."
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