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Originally Posted by danieljuk View Post
I really love this series! apparently there is a whole series of books by Phil Rickman about the religious exorcist protagonist Merrily Watkins. This is actually the second book in the series (but first to be adapted) and some of the book fans are annoyed they put 500 pages into 3 episodes. The book is much slower and psychological. It was adapted to screen by Stephen Volk who brought us the terrifying Ghostwatch and afterlife. There is an interview with Phil Rickman here where he talks about he sees 2 exorcists every week to talk with them. I definitely felt the series is from someone with an interest in that area but I have slight reservations about if the themes and pagan / wicca are lumped with satanism. But let's see how it turns out, it would be easy to lump it all in together! I hope this is more intelligent than that! I don't think tarot reading is lumped with devil worship yet, it's just a woman who may do both.

In episode one the vicar's daughter met the tarot reader in the pub. I thought it was really well done, I thought it was Tarot of Marseilles Emily but I am not good at the classical decks, you could well be right about the Soprafino . I felt the advice she gave was a good reading with insight! (you wonder if Phil Rickman has had many many readings ). She said something like the Tower card representing her trying to hold everyone up in support after the death of the Father and she has to be careful of crumbling from it, like the card picture. The reading she gave actually gave me new ideas about the cards! I can't remember the rest! Anyway in episode two we found out the lady is a lot more sinister! (no spoilers).

love this series and it is terrifying but also my interest area!

I will try and get the episode and take a screen shot of the tarot reading, I thought it was very well done! But hope the theme doesn't lump in everything with devil worship!

I am a huge fan of "afterlife"! Have never heard of this series before but will have to look this up!

I always say where will the entertainment industry be without the Catholic Church LOL
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