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got time to dig out some astrological data on me. i'm a cancer w/virgo rising. the archetypes would be the Mother and the Severitor. the card for this is entitled 'caring'

theme summary: sympathy; watching over someone; caring; grief; helper syndrome.

image: a woman leaning over a crib, with a wistful half-smile.
the child in the crib is seen in profile, eye closed, a tear on his/her cheek. Behind them is a three-arch window. on the window sill (shelf sized) is, from left to right, a lit oil lamp, two small balls, a warrior doll sitting next to horse doll (too small for the warrior to ride) and agreek-style(?) house facade. outside the window are a few stars and the full moon, slightly obscured by clouds.

well, i have recently found what i consider to be my vocation-- i'm an activities assistant in an adult day care center for people with demensia and altzhiemer's.

pretty good, yes??

do you have any other suggestions for study. i don't know that there is a viable (to me) one-to-one corrospondence between this and tarot. but i'm considering it.

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