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Finger lickin...good? Dream interp.

Weirdest dream ever.

So I'm driving in my car (the actual car I drive now) in my hometown (I do not live there now). I'm going to work...not sure where I worked in this dream. All of the sudden, my car door pops open (driver's side) as I am driving. I keep shutting it but it pops open again and again. I notice that the door handle is stuck out, in the open position. I push in the door handle and again close the car door. It seems to be shut but when I test it by pressing on the door it opens again. Still driving down the road this whole time. I'm like "what the f!!?" So I think that maybe there is something stuck in the door, keeping it from fully closing. I look down, and on the baseboard, there is a finger.

I am shocked for a second. I hold my hands up, by the steering wheel and notice my index finger (forefinger/pointer finger) on my left hand is severed below the first knuckle. Just a bloody stub (though there wasn't any gushing blood..just raw meat looking ugh). I grab the severed finger and think "I need to go to the emergency room". I see the hospital (the actual hospital that was in my hometown as a has since moved to a new location). I couldn't remember where the ER entrance was located. I drive by the building and see an entryway to drive in (this wasn't there in the real hospital).

I see huge white signs with green cursive writing. One say EMERGENCY. Next thing I was inside the building, in a waiting room. There were white couches and beds everywhere. People in hospital gowns where mulling around. I see that on the couch, there is a load of clean, white laundry. There is a boy child's sock. I grab it and wrap it around my severed finger.

I feel lost and panicked. I decide to go down this hallway to find help. It was very dim and the lights were flickering. A man (20 something) was there in a hospital gown, pulling an IV stand with him. He looked at me and said "my girlfriend! You came to visit me!" He was grabbing a hold of me. I said, "I'm not your girlfriend...I don't know you." He pressed up against my back and said, "well I guess you will be my girlfriend when I have sex with you." I show him my severed finger, thinking that would gross him out or something and he would let me go. He looks at my hand and says "it's all healed." I look at my hand and it's still a stub but the skin is all healed over the it had happened a long time ago.

I'm pushing away from him but he's following close to me. We come to a hallway. At the end of it was a group of teenage boys. They looked like they were angry and about to fight each other. The guy behind me whispers "Oh, I wouldn't go that way if I were you. It's dangerous." He starts to shrink back. Then I woke up.

Sorry so long...just remembered a ton of detail from this one.

Any thoughts here?? I would greatly appreciate any help.

The things that stood out to me are, of course, the car, the finger, the hospital, feeling lost and scared and the dangerous men.

Car - going somewhere, direction in life
Finger - severed, pointer finger (direction)...not knowing where to go?
hospital - need for help/healing
Damgerous men - no one to help me...only people to cause me more pain?

Thanks in advance.
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