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good news!:)))

book is finally completed!) and will be available soon!^^ (as soon I get word from my *test reader and dear friend here!^^)

and when last tech details are done I'll wrap this topic and start a new in Lenormand deck!^^ YEY!^^ lolz

so for all of you who were waiting for book to order this fantastic deck!^^ well, you'll had to wait more,,, !^^ lolz and that doesn't had to be a bad thing as I plan to make reiki deck and find some fantastic free domain img that could be beautiful animals and constellations cards!^^ ) now just to find fine vintage back,,,

now even I can help but WoW every time I see this thread stat and I'm grateful for it!^^ but would like to hear some feedback informations?x,x so feel free to comment!^^ I'm open to suggestions!^^

p.s same time I finished book I discovered this deck
luv her affirmations!^^ LH is queen!^^ lolz

and another interesting deck
actually this was what my *fairy fan friend pointed out as she find it fantastic?x,x on the other hand I never hear of it?x,x and imo *fairies are not at all that *innocent or harmless creatures?x,x (DV are exeption!^^ )) and I noticed these fairy symbols somehow resemble wiccan?x,x or something I'm sure I've seen some triple moon etc so my point is; are fairy actually some mysterious diverse invisible folk that were know in different timelines as ghosts /angels /demons /fairies /aliens?!X,X XD ))
(or these are just winx rip off?x,x XD)

till next!^^I left you to think about that!^^XD XP )
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