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Originally Posted by G6 View Post
I am glad you're amused as it was meant to amuse, but also to provoke some thought about it. :-) I'm happy folks that feel they have legit reasons for asking have stated their reasoning/intentions for asking. Perhaps it would be helpful to tell the sitter this when asking for the info. However, I still think many ask for gender or age just to know. I especially find it questionable when readers state they will not read without this information. Seriously?! It might be worth it for some folks to examine their biases regarding age and gender when they read in regards to why they need to know.
It's not particularly thought provoking, its accusatory and insulting. You are making wild assumptions about why people ask for these things. It helps me zone in on my reading and give a better reading, understand the dynamic better. I think its naive to think gender doesn't play some kind of part in differentiating us for a multitude of reasons. I don't even understand why that's threatening. It's real. Perhaps people get touchy about this because they fear prejudices or homophobic views but I know personally I am not that kind of person at all. I try to seek out and understand the individual. It helps me (at least) give a better reading. It's not because I'm being nosey. Heck, readers will ask questions about their sex life, their dating intentions, their romantic intentions, their professional dreams and goals, their real opinion about their colleagues, wanting to be with someone who's married, that's a hell of a lot more revealing than knowing their gender.
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