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I've had so many readings where the person has said "oh you are soon to meet a lovely woman, to date" it was a shock to me and everyone! It's really awkward when that happens because the reader didn't mean to cause offence but they didn't know I was searching for a guy.

You might not need to know the gender of the sitter or their dob (but that can be useful if you use astrology with tarot) but it is worth asking what they are looking for, if it is a love / romantic question!

If a reader wants to tell me about themselves and give the gender or pronoun they use or any info they want to share that is fine by me! I notice my trans and non binary friends tend to give me a lot of gender info, what they want to be seen as in the reading and what they are searching for. I think they want to specify it all because others have got readings wrong a lot for them

It's worth knowing those basic things not for dating but avoiding embarrassment on both sides later on. Believe me it's awkward! "actually I'm looking for a guy"
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