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Originally Posted by prudence View Post
Who is saying that an explanation for wanting to know age or gender is never given? I'm not talking about needing to know the sitter's gender, I'm talking about a sitter who is unwilling to give basic information about the subject of their query, like asking about a person in their workplace, it sometimes helps in the reading to know who may be represented by a particular card. That said, if someone is so sensitive about their gender being identified or known by another person, perhaps getting readings from strangers isn't a good idea. Some of the stuff that can be "seen" in the cards is a hell of a lot more personal than your gender. If someone is particularly uncomfortable with allowing someone else to know their gender, I think it is their responsibility to state that up front, rather than assuming any reader should be aware of this sensitivity. Don't ask for a reading from a reader who asks for your age or gender, seems simple enough to me.
Yes, of course, everyone is free to opt out of any readings with requirements and most readers on this site lay out all kinds of requirements. This thread is called Pet Peeves where people air their Pet Peeves and one of mine is when readers mandate gender/age for a reading. In absence of a compelling reason why a reader needs this info I still think some readers that ask don't have legit reasons and it simply plays into the readers biases about gender/age.

To your point about knowing what someone does for a living. Can't you read it without knowing that info in advance? If I go to a reading and a reader asks me to tell them all this info about myself upfront the question I have is WHY can't they just read the cards?
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