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Originally Posted by tealily View Post
Hi Samantha,

As I was pulling the cards I got the vibe you feel a bit 'lost' - kind of like circumstances recently/rapidly flipped out around you and you're in a bit of "what do I do now?"

Cards: Ace of Pent rev + 10 of pent rev

These two cards say to me that if you were trying to 'level up', this has been put on pause because you're not in the right position to move just yet; there's still a few more things on 'this level' to complete before you can move onto the next one. Specifically, this seems to be in your physical environment, something about security (home? career? studies? I'm getting the impression this is something to do with something you've signed up for/enrolled in, let me know if I'm off).

This isn't to say your future plan/goals aren't good, just that we need to finish Step A before we finish Step B Good luck!

My Q: um, perhaps advice on what I can do to be more emotionally open? (I've got a bit of baggage, particularly regarding new love relationships )
Magician/7 pentacles

First of all know that you have all the power you need to turn this around and become open emotionally because the universe just gave you the Magician card. Try meditation and even meditate on the Magician card itself and know that the universe has given you all the tools you need to manifest the true love you deserve and desire, also try positive affirmations, and most important believe you deserve love just as much as anyone else. The 7 pents says to stop dwelling on the past and forget what happened before and don't expect that to resolve and move on from it and know that it was not our fault you did your best and you deserved better.

Q: What sort of actions has my boss taken, if any, in blocking me from moving on to another job?
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