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Originally Posted by tealily View Post
That was such a beautiful reading! Thank you very much

When I was pulling cards for you, it felt like a) your boss is male, caucasian and with black hair? and b) I don't think he's necessarily blocked you; I feel like he's got his plate full enough as it is. I do think he's an epic grump and won't be going out of his way to passing on your names to higher-ups though :/ Let me know if I'm off - I just try to practice the clairvoyance thingy where I can in the hope I'll get better

Anyway, flipping over the cards I DID pull:

2 of Pent, 7 of Pent

As above. I don't think he's tried to block you - but he IS really struggling to figure out how to manage you, and just has no idea what to do with you, basically (not your fault. He feels pretty closed-minded! It's like your styles don't mesh).

If you want to move forward/onwards, you're going to have to do a lot of the legwork yourself - this includes looking for jobs and keeping an eye on the in-company job listings etc. Good luck!

Q: What can I do to be more motivated about my studies? (it's getting close to exams, eep!)
You're welcome and I just read as I saw it, and I recently got that Magician card from a very good reader on here and his interp was so inspiring and when I need to get my butt determined I think hey the universe gave me the Magician card and I am gonna use it to create all I want and desire, it was a gift to special little me by gosh!

9 pentacles/5 swords - picture yourself as the 9 pents and know that lavish and luxurious and independent life you long for is just around the corner if you buckle down now and push through those studies. With 5 swords, you gotta fight to win and this means study hard and be the victor, get better grades than your classmates and get your 9 pentacle life.

Feedback: My boss is a black woman so you got the black hair right LOL and she's not all that feminine so you could've seen her ha ha. And yes we do not mesh at all, we are in a major confrontation right now actually it's a battle of the wills basically cause she is a control freak and I won't let her do it to me like others do.

Q: Will my patience and faith pay off with my situation with X?
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