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Originally Posted by Laurelle View Post
3 of Pentacles/3 of Swords

You can ask for help when you need it. Put your personal feelings aside not being afraid to get to the heart of the matter.

Q: Is it completely over between AS and me?
3 of Cups rev, 7 of Cups rev

This isn't an outright no... but I do sort of see this potentially petering out I just get the feeling one or both of you are looking at this and thinking "this just isn't really what I want" (and this is hard to accept now but easier when you're in a different place - forever is a very long time, and you definitely want to share it with someone who is 100% sure that you are the special one with zero doubts).

I'm so sorry, and hope I'm wrong.

Q: Is the late-night gym program I've recently started doing my system good?
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