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Originally Posted by tealily View Post
Haha that's me! As I hunch over my desk and try to work up the motivation to get on with my studies this afternoon. Also, I can see you're dealing with a stressful situation atm (can see it popping up in other threads). I received a really comforting tarot reading earlier today and want to pass the good deed on - if you're inclined, please feel free to post up your question in my 'offering readings' thread and I'll make time to do a read for you later tonight

Page of Wands rev (Fountain Tarot)

TPBM: Is hesitant to make forward moves - paralysis by overanalysis!
LOL that sure would be me, and I "promise" I am trying!

TPBM: 7 cups - you have some great opportunities before you, so be sure and analyze carefully and choose your best option that works for you and only you
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