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Originally Posted by tealily View Post
haha this is me, it's funny how hard it can be even when you want to leave! (residual pain stuff from literally going near the emotional baggage as you dig it out and start carting it to the trash can)

King of Cups (Fountain Tarot)

TPBM is a BOSS! Despite everything going on around them they have found (or carved out) their comfortable niche and are chilling and getting what needs to be done done whilst everything else is freaking out around them
I am not sure if I am in a comfortable niche, I am the one who feels like I am losing it. Maybe there's a King of cups around me who will help me calm down instead LOL.

TPBM: Page wands - take that idea you have swirling in your head and go for it, you have the creativity and drive to accomplish it if you so desire
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