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Originally Posted by deb99 View Post
Emperor/Justice - You have a solid opportunity for stability and comfort if you work hard and believe that you will persevere any challenges that may currently be happening, this person isn't going anywhere it seems and wants to work things out if you do

Q: What should I do to alleviate this situation at work that is so negative because it is just taking a huge toll on me in all ways - emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally?
9/W and Knight of Swords

These are both well dignified (elementally) the thing is it really speaks of a confrontation to me or clearing the air because a few eggs need to be cracked here. You need to take a bold move and speak up about it (or speak face to face with anyone who is causing you trouble,) if that's not the problem try to write a formal complaint to H.R.

Q: What does J feel for me?
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