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This thread is definitely entertaining.

1)My number one pet peeve is when people ask questions they don't really want to know the answers to. Like do really want to know how your troubled relationship with your bf will end? Do you really want to know if your boyfriend finds that other woman attractive? Are you sure you want to see if your ex is still madly in love with you? It sucks for me as a reader because I hate pouring salt on wounds and sucks for the sitter because they don't end up getting the ego boost that they were hoping for

2)Readers who mold and twist certain cards to fit what they want to hear. "Death as how he sees me tells me that he finds me deathly sexy" or "The 3 of Pentacles as feelings tells me that my crush is head over heels in love with me because he wants to work with me as a team to pursue a relationship." *shakes head* Yeah...sure...

3) I'm definitely not a fan of those who talk down on others for using reversals or not using reversals -- who cares? Some people get their panties all in a bunch when people use quints, clarifiers, shadows, character orientation, elemental dignities, bases, etc. Let people read however they want to read. Yes it's true that some readers, especially new ones, can get clunky with these...but eventually they will learn. They just need some guidance .

4) It really grinds my gears when pearl-clutching tarot readers decide to only give "advice" or commentary instead of actually interpreting the cards. And sometimes, they even bring up religion and request that you to "ask God for guidance." I'm agnostic so why would I go and do a thing like that?

Interpretations with advice don't bother me at all, but plain ol' advice is really not what I'm looking for, y'know?

5) This is really not a big deal at all, but not being greeted in the exchanges can be a bit off-putting. I know sitters don't mean it, but simply popping up and stating your question without a simple "hi" comes off demanding and a bit pushy lol
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